Ground-Based Optical Systems

for space surveillance & tracking, astronomy and astrophysics

Global Presence


Cameras deployed worldwide


Romote locations


LEO satellite mesurement points per night


Deployed sensors

Optical Triangulation Systems

Easy to deploy, real-time,high cadence, fully autonomous optical systems designed to detect moving objects from 80 to 2000+ km altitude. 3D position and velocity state vectors are derived directly from observations in the Visual band and Near-IR (coming soon).

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Observatory Solutions

Autonomous observatory design, deployment and commissioning. Turnkey roll-off or dome solutions for space surveillance and tracking, time-domain astronomy and astrophysics. Multiband telescope arrays for spectroscopy, photometry and astrometry.

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Instrument Design

Mechanical design of astronomical instrumentation: tip/tilt stages, telescope arrays, components for polarymetry and spectroscopy. Design of control electronics and dedicated software. 3D prototyping, integration, production and deployment.

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Dedicated Software

Dedicated software developmnet team for microcontrollers, industrial PLCs, optimized edge computing sofware for real-time image processing and remote operation. Cloud-based data processing system, front-end, data analysis and calibration.

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